Preparedness Through Distributed Power

Preparedness Through Distributed Power

December 27, 2022   |   Blog

Being Prepared Could your safety and security tomorrow depend on how you get power in your home or business today?  Can Distributed Energy Resources be part of your defense against the impact of extreme weather events?  Once again, extreme weather has proven deadly for dozens across the United States and threatened the safety of thousands […]

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Energy Incentives for Rural Businesses 

December 22, 2022   |   Blog

Still Time to Apply for Your Share of the Nation’s $300 Million Energy Investment There is still time to apply for your part of the nation’s $300 million investment in lower energy costs and clean renewables like solar through the Renewable Energy for America Program. The Rural Business-Cooperative Service of the United States Department of […]

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Solar Power for Nonprofit Organizations

December 13, 2022   |   Blog

Doing the most good for the most people in the community includes the daunting task for nonprofits of managing overhead that includes the rising cost of energy.  What if your nonprofit could reduce energy expenses for years to come?  That’s where solar comes in for more and more organizations, since solar allows you to plan […]

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Sustainability Support from Pathway Lending

December 9, 2022   |   Blog

The Solar Alliance team had the great opportunity to chat with Brandon England, the Energy Efficiency Loan Program Director at Pathway Lending. Through this chat, we learned a lot more about the investment support they provide and their dedication to making renewable energy affordable. Read our transcript below!     Q: What is the mission […]

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Meeting Corporate Sustainability Goals with Solar Alliance

November 22, 2022   |   Blog

Meet Your Corporate Sustainability Goals It’s a new day for business leaders operating under corporate environmental mandates and Securities and Exchange Commission proposed updated rules for climate disclosure, with environment, social and governance (ESG) at the forefront of conversations.  Here at Solar Alliance, there are multiple ways we can work as your clean energy partner to […]

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Solar Power Options in the USA Are Expanding

November 9, 2022   |   Blog

Here at Solar Alliance, we believe in connecting you to a brighter future, where people, profits and the planet can all thrive. We’re especially inspired by the newest round of federal incentives for MADE IN THE USA components for the solar industry! Take a look at our staff-curated list of the great benefits and growth […]

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Challenging Times

November 7, 2022   |   Blog

We as a country have been going through some challenging times the past couple of years and we need everyone’s voice.  GO VOTE.  We’ll get this figured out together as we always have. Once we get through the election, let’s start building certainty across the board. Solar Alliance is always here to support your efforts for […]

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Solar Alliance Vice President Honored With Career Achievement Award for Solar Industry

November 1, 2022   |   Blog

Solar Alliance Vice President Harvey Abouelata has been honored as a 2022 recipient of the Career Achievement Award, along with two industry colleagues, by the Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association.  He received the award during a reception at the fall conference in Knoxville called Tennessee Valley Solar Conference + Storage. “My wife said, ‘you gotta […]

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County Leaders Bringing Opportunity Via Rural Energy Grants for Businesses

October 14, 2022   |   Blog

Community leaders are bringing thousands in prospective USDA REAP Grant dollars to Grainger and Jefferson Counties in East Tennessee! The Chambers of Commerce recently hosted workshops to facilitate information and access for small businesses who might qualify for special incentives with the USDA Rural Energy for America Program. “Great workshop! Thank you!” said one of […]

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Power Anywhere With Powershed While Saving Like a Superhero!

September 19, 2022   |   Blog

Powershed Use Expanding Throughout North America  Stand-alone Solar an Economical Landscaping Solution  Remote power is more reliable and economical than ever for professional landscapers from the Southeast to the Midwest and even the New England coast.  Powershed by Solar Alliance is now charging robotic mowers in eight different states: New York, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, […]

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