Why Solar? Hear from Businesses in Their Own Words

June 6th, 2024 | by Anne Brock
solar panels atop building

Last Updated on June 6, 2024 by Anne Brock

Why Go Solar?

Savings, sustainability, security — all reasons that solar is increasingly becoming part of the business case for a renewable energy alternative.  A range of business owners and managers have enlisted Solar Alliance to match a solar (and sometimes energy storage) solution to their business challenges.  These are not quick fixes. They are long-term solutions with return on investment within a medium-range horizon.  The solutions is not one-size-fits-all.  It requires an eye for technical, financial and policy considerations.

Large Manufacturing & Warehousing

Why are more manufacturing and warehousing businesses going solar?  Hear in their own words how solar fits the Net Zero aims of managers at AESSEAL, Inc.’s North American headquarters, in this short video:

Grants Help Small, Rural Businesses Go Solar

Generous Rural Energy for America Program grants have recently been reimbursing small, rural businesses for up to half the cost of installing a solar and storage renewable energy system.  This significantly shortens the ROI time for these REAP grant recipients we’ve been working with.  The next deadline to apply is June 30, with one more opportunity to apply wrapping up in September of 2024.  REAP can benefit farmers as well as other professionals operating small businesses in communities under a modest population range.  Hear from both family farm owners and an office building owner in this video:

Community Solar

Local power companies are increasingly adding renewable solar energy to their mixed portfolio of sources for providing electricity to local communities.  Community Solar allows businesses and individuals to participate in the renewable transition through subscriptions, even if they can’t install their own solar array. Get a bird’s eye view in this video by Knoxville Utilities Board of the megawatt solar installation designed and installed in Knoxville, Tennessee by Solar Alliance.  This is the third local utility company that has enlisted our team for a solar solution:

Getting Started on a Solution

Is your utility company exploring its Flexibility options in Tennessee Valley Authority territory?  Do you manage a plant or data center that racks up excess fees each month because of your extra demand on the grid?  Our solutions can benefit both businesses and LPCs alike. Does your nonprofit encounter major expenses for your electric bill and need to save?  There may be a way to start reducing that bill through environmental stewardship.  Contact Solar Alliance today to start working together on a solution.

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See more Solar Alliance projects here.  We are constantly working on multiple commercial solar projects that may or may not be listed in our public case studies.  This is simply a sample of our larger portfolio.