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Solar Alliance is a publicly-traded (TSX: SOLR) energy solutions provider specializing in commercial and utility-scale solar installations. Businesses, utilities and homeowners in Tennessee, Kentucky, North and South Carolina and throughout the southeastern United States have benefitted from our solar systems. Our products and services offer an environmentally friendly way to generate electricity. In most cases, they also reduce our customers’ electricity bills as well. We provide affordable turnkey clean energy solutions and our goal is to transform the solar industry through innovation, scalability and consistent profitability.

Solar Alliance is committed to becoming the top commercial and industrial solar provider in the U.S. Our corporate strategy is to build, own and operate our own solar assets while also generating stable revenue through the sale and installation of solar projects to commercial and utility customers. This balanced strategy – the high growth of building for third party customers combined with recurring revenue from solar assets we own – will allow us to deliver long term value to our customers and shareholders.

Solar Alliance offers investors significant opportunities for growth. Solar Alliance is experiencing strong revenue growth supported by a strategic plan that is focused on the high-margin sectors of the solar industry. We are transparent about everything we do and look forward to welcoming new investors.

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Solar Alliance Is a Leading Small-Cap Company to Invest In

Investors looking for clean energy, public companies will find a smart, long-term investment option in Solar Alliance. As the demand for renewable energy continues to increase worldwide, the solar market will continue to grow. An investment in Solar Alliance allows you to capitalize on this expanding market and increase your profits. You’ll also be investing in energy solutions that help the environment and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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The solar energy market continues to expand each year, with solar panels becoming increasingly common sights in neighborhoods and cities throughout the country. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, America’s solar market has grown at an average rate of 42% every year over the past decade. With this massive, consistent industry growth, an investment in Solar Alliance can supercharge your investment portfolio.