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Tennessee Technology Now Solves Turf Management Challenges in Florida


Powershed presents another way to get the job done, despite high fuel prices, labor shortages and logistical challenges!  Patent-pending Powershed developed by Solar Alliance and research at the University of Tennessee is now in commercial use in St. Augustine.  Here Powershed dealer Flagler Power Equipment found the solution that J.M. Baker Company needed to manicure a common area of residential green space.

Monitoring equipment helps stakeholders keep track of the ECHO Robotics mower that charges itself regularly inside the Powershed structure before mowing grassy areas once again.  This remote 24/7 tracking ability makes Powershed a time saver while landscapers tend to a variety of duties at once.  Powered by solar power backed up by battery storage, the ECHO Robotics mower can trim more than five acres without noise or air pollution.



A crew of experts setting up and installing the Powershed