Getting Started

Getting Started:

At Solar Alliance, we recommend you work with us to evaluate, reduce and then produce.  That means starting with your own energy monitoring or enlisting us to do so for you.  It means looking at sources of excess energy usage to see where you can conserve and perhaps upgrade to more energy-efficient machines and systems to curb your overall electricity needs.  This includes a detailed look at how much electricity you use, what time of day you use it and anything else unique to your organization’s energy needs.  Our process is not to simply build solar, but to evaluate your business needs for today and years into the future before designing the solar and storage system that’s right for you.

Does your large manufacturing, warehouse or retail facility create a burdensome overhead cost for electricity?  Here’s what we did for one leading manfacturer that is aiming for Net Zero:

Do you run a small business?  We work with small businesses in communities of under 50,000 population that often qualify for up to a 50% Rural Energy for America Program grant when they add a solar asset.  Here is how that works for two very different small businesses, in the owners’ own words:

Can you relate to these scenarios?  Maybe you see some similar challenges.  Or maybe your challenge feels different.  What are you planning for 2024/2025 and beyond?  What return on investment do you need to see?  Have you discussed the grant and/or tax incentive advantages for your business with your accountant?  Let us know here if you’re ready to get started. The Solar Alliance Team

Once we know the right fit for you – we can talk logistics – where and how you would need it installed.  As you can see from this video from downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, where a crane set our procured equipment into place for a rooftop installation, there is hardly anywhere we can’t make it happen.  Our work goes beyond what you see, to monitoring, maintenance and even future additions if you choose to invest in solar and storage in increments.