What Should I Ask Before Hiring Solar Installers Near Me To Install Solar On My Home? 

Busting 5 Top Solar Energy Myths

June 22, 2022   |   Blog

Looking at solar for your home or business?  No, you won’t get big checks from your utility company.  That’s just one of the myths floating around about solar energy.  So we’re busting the top myths people hear about solar! Get the facts from Solar Alliance.   Myth: I’ll never have to pay a utility bill […]

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Solar Power, Robotics & Tax Savings, Oh My!

June 9, 2022   |   Blog

Looking to save time, money and resources with Powershed?  Here at Solar Alliance, we’re not tax experts, but we think Uncle Sam might have a way to help you double the value of your Powershed investment in 2022! We wanted to share resources about federal tax incentives for renewable energy. This could include solar-powered Powersheds […]

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Highlights from KUB Community Solar Groundbreaking in Knoxville, Tennessee

April 29, 2022   |   Blog

The development and design phase is complete. Now the team at Solar Alliance is prepared for work happening soon on site for what will be Knoxville’s first community solar installation. We were honored to be invited to the groundbreaking April 29 for KUB Community Solar!  Here are what some of the area’s leaders said during […]

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Helping City of Knoxville Expand Solar: Solar on Cal Johnson Recreation Center

April 26, 2022   |   Blog

Knoxville, TN – Knoxville’s City Parks and Recreation Department will soon be able to offset a portion of power that runs Cal Johnson Recreation Center with a planned solar array.  The new 20.5 kilowatt (kW) array to be installed by Solar Alliance Southeast will help the city work toward its goal of improving sustainability throughout the […]

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America’s Oldest City Tries Newest Technology in Landscaping

February 28, 2022   |   Blog

Tennessee technology expanded to meet demand in Florida Knoxville, Tennessee and St. Augustine, Florida, February 28, 2022 – Powershed by Solar Alliance and ECHO Robotics is bringing the quietest, cleanest, and newest way to manicure green spaces into Florida communities. In St. Augustine, Flagler Power Equipment recently installed the state’s first Powershed system for the […]

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Solar Alliance Team Helps Beardsley Farm Go Solar

February 24, 2022   |   Blog

Solar Array to be Installed by Volunteers on Community Work Day Knoxville, Tennessee, February 23, 2022, Solar Alliance, LLC — Knoxville’s leader in food security and sustainability education is going solar, thanks to volunteers from Knoxville-based energy company Solar Alliance. CAC Beardsley Community Farm will soon harness a portion of its power from a new […]

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How Do Clouds Affect Solar Panels?

January 27, 2022   |   Blog

Solar panels are excellent renewable energy solutions. However, if you’re thinking about investing in a solar array for your property, you may be wondering, “How does weather affect solar panels?” Solar panel systems provide peak efficiency on cool, sunny days when they can receive plenty of sunshine without excessive heat or humidity. Other weather conditions, […]

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Solar Panel Efficiency

December 28, 2021   |   Blog

Interested in solar power but not sure if it will benefit you in the long run? While getting electricity from your utility company may be the traditional way of providing energy to homes and businesses, solar power is an efficient and low-cost way to provide electricity to your home or business. Over the past decade, […]

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Tennessee Solar Panel Incentives

December 28, 2021   |   Blog

As solar panels become increasingly accessible and affordable, it may be time for you to invest in them for your home or business. Solar power uses clean energy from the sun, so installing solar panels on your home will help reduce greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions, lower or even eliminate your energy bills, and give you the […]

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