Solar Asset Investment for Long-Term Utility Bill Savings

Solar Asset Investment for Long-Term Utility Bill Savings

July 12, 2024   |   Blog

What Motivates You to Explore Solar? Cutting utility bills.  Lowering operating costs.  Embracing environmental stewardship.  What is YOUR motivation for going solar?  Getting your fair share of the millions and millions of dollars available in energy grants and tax incentives?  This federal financial support for clean, renewable energy is another motivator for businesses looking to […]

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Why Solar? Hear from Businesses in Their Own Words

June 6, 2024   |   Blog

Why Go Solar? Savings, sustainability, security — all reasons that solar is increasingly becoming part of the business case for a renewable energy alternative.  A range of business owners and managers have enlisted Solar Alliance to match a solar (and sometimes energy storage) solution to their business challenges.  These are not quick fixes. They are […]

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New Sales Director at Solar Alliance Southeast 

June 3, 2024   |   Blog

Solar Alliance welcomes new Sales Director Tom Talmage III to lead the sales team of Solar Alliance Southeast, based in Knoxville, Tennessee.     “We see a growing demand for more and larger-scale commercial projects,” said Solar Alliance General Manager U.S. Jon Hamilton. “Bringing Tom on board brings a great deal of expertise and industry experience […]

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Options for Installation of Solar Panels

May 29, 2024   |   Blog

What are your Choices for Installation of Solar Panels? Solar panels or modules bring a clean energy solution to a variety of commercial settings these days.  You may see them incorporated into a building’s rooftop, built as part of a carport, or doing their job from the ground.  Here’s a look at typical types of […]

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Solar Alliance Featured in East Tennessee PBS JobPop Series for Solar Technician

May 7, 2024   |   Blog

Solar technician is one of several jobs that children can learn about via the JobPop series that runs on East Tennessee PBS.  It is explained by our General Manager, who manages crews of technicians and other solar photovoltaic professionals.  The series is aimed at  school-aged children in the 5-12 year range.  Professor Nick Geidner leads […]

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June Deadline Ahead for Rural Energy Grants

May 1, 2024   |   Blog

Ready to cut your utility costs every month?  Need more resilience?  How could adding a renewable energy asset benefit your bottom line?  The June deadline is coming up soon for small businesses wanting to apply for the Rural Energy for America Program grant.  Thus far in 2024, this is being awarded at up to 50% […]

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How Solar Has Evolved Since First Earth Day

April 22, 2024   |   Blog

Now 54 years after the first Earth Day, choosing the scope of your solar installation and how much battery storage to accompany it has become as mainstream now as any other business decision.  (How can Solar Alliance help?) Just how much have the science and scale of photovoltaics evolved since April 22, 1970? Let’s take […]

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What are Distributed Energy Resources?

January 18, 2024   |   Blog

How much electricity does your community need at the ready at any given time? Will it be enough when more vehicles are plugging into charging stations instead of filling up at gas stations? How will your workplace or home fare during the next extreme weather event in winter or summer? Will certain updates lessen the […]

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Small Businesses Harvesting Savings via Sunshine

December 28, 2023   |   Blog

Solar for Savings How are small businesses finding savings for their bottom line? Some are harvesting that savings via sunshine: adding the ability to produce their own solar energy.  The Rural Energy for America Program offers a generous way to support solar for rural, small businesses. Only a portion of those are farms. Many are […]

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Opportunities in Energy

November 15, 2023   |   Blog

Knoxville Gathering Opportunities in Energy has once again brought business, research, government and thought leaders together to explore the future of energy for Tennessee. The November gathering in downtown Knoxville attracted entrepreneurs, university researchers and even a retired United States Senator.   A $10 million award was announced for an effort to help rural electric […]

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