June Deadline Ahead for Rural Energy Grants

May 1st, 2024 | by Anne Brock

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Anne Brock

Ready to cut your utility costs every month?  Need more resilience?  How could adding a renewable energy asset benefit your bottom line?  The June deadline is coming up soon for small businesses wanting to apply for the Rural Energy for America Program grant.  Thus far in 2024, this is being awarded at up to 50% of eligible costs for approved renewable energy projects like solar.

On the United States Department of Agriculture’s website is this explanation of the REAP’s purpose as, “to help agricultural producers and rural small business owners make energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy investments to lower energy costs, generate new income, and strengthen the resiliency of their operations.”

In this short video is a testimonial from two different small business owners who received Rural Energy grants to support their solar projects.  They explain in their own words why they were motivated to go solar and how it affects their business decisions.

Wonder if your small business is in a geographical area that makes it eligible to apply for REAP grants?  You can check here for your location’s eligibility.  This geographic area is a requirement for all rural small businesses, except for those that are farms or agribusinesses. Here is USDA outline of other requirements for REAP grant projects.

Solar Alliance has years of experience working with clients from the beginning of the grant application process through project planning and construction and beyond.  Ready to take advantage of the generous grant for small businesses?  Contact Solar Alliance today.