Project Development

As part of our expansion strategy, Solar Alliance is assessing opportunities to acquire or partner on earlier stage development projects that would eventually be built, owned and operated by Solar Alliance. This complements Solar Alliance’s growing business of designing, engineering and installing solar systems for third party owners.

Owning and operating solar projects will provide long-term, recurring revenue to Solar Alliance. Our initial strategy involves acquiring or partnering on late stage projects that are construction-ready and have power purchase agreements in place for the sale of electricity. Longer term, Solar Alliance will be involved in all aspects of project development including site acquisition, interconnection studies, engineering, finance and construction.


Project Ownership – Operating and Construction Ready

These solar projects are projects Solar Alliance owns or has binding commitments to acquire.

Projects Under Development

These solar projects are all of the projects Solar Alliance has in its ownership pipeline. Their development stages vary from early site acquisition to construction ready. As we announce new projects they will be added to this list.


Project Name Location Size (kW)
Target Completion
New York – Project 1 New York State 350 Construction Ready Q4, 2021
New York – Project 2 New York State 389 Construction Ready Q2, 2022



Do you have land? Are you interested in partnering with Solar Alliance? Get in touch, we'd love to take a look at your property and see if a solar system makes sense!

Project Development