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Will your next investment in residential, commercial or multi-use development use the latest technologies to attract customers?  Considering how prudent energy planning could help everyone’s bottom line?  Here at Solar Alliance we can educate your affiliated residential building contractors or real estate agents in Tennessee with our Solar 101 class that provides two approved hours of continuing eduation.  Additionally, we provide education as part of the process when working with investors, developers or general contractors who want to incorporate solar into development plans.  Does your target market include people already driving electric vehicles and expecting electric vehicle charging?  Did they relocate from another region where they are accustomed to the utility bill savings of solar and storage of their own?  We can help you plan for meeting these expectations.

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Common Questions About Solar Power for Houses

We know you likely have many questions about bringing solar power into your home. To help clarify the process and potential benefits, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about residential solar panel systems.

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How Much Power Can Home Solar Panels Generate?

Ideally, your home solar energy system would completely cover your household’s energy needs or a large portion of it, however, the power solar panels generate can vary depending on sunlight hours and your location. A single solar panel typically makes about 320 – 380 watts of electricity. An array of 21 panels will generate an output equal to the 6.62 kilowatts of electricity many homes use on a given day.  Our estimators work with you to see how much solar production makes sense for your home.

How Much Does Going Solar Cost?

The cost of solar energy has plummeted in recent years, coinciding with incredible improvements in technical efficiency and manufacturing quality. Depending on the size and unique needs of your home, solar panel installation costs can start a little over $11,000 — before tax credits or other incentives. Our Sunbox systems are already engineered for three typical sizes of solar for residential or office use.  We additionally can create custom designs. For a completely transparent, free estimate, contact Solar Alliance.

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How Much Money Can a Home Solar Panel System Save Me?

The easiest way to figure out how much solar can save you is by looking at your energy bill. Most American households spend about $1,500 on electricity every year. If your solar panel system covers 100% of your home’s energy needs, this may result in over $100 in potential savings on your utility bill each month.

How Long Does It Take to See the Benefits of Going Solar?

The benefits of solar are nearly immediate. You should notice significant savings on each month’s electricity bill, and having a solar panel system adds incredible value to your home. While it may take seven to 20 years to see a full return on investment, most people experience over $20,000 in savings over the course of 20 years.

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What Kind of Tax Credits Are Available for My Solar Panel System?

Now is the time to go solar. The federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is currently at 30%. This means if you invest $30,000 in your home’s solar panel system, you’ll receive a $9,000 tax credit.

Tennessee does not offer statewide net metering, which is the reason we suggest you produce only the amount of energy your home can use, without creating excess. However, the entire state is serviced by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Dispersed Power Production program allows you to sell excess power back to TVA.

What Kind of Upkeep Do My Solar Panels Require?

Home solar panels generally need very little maintenance. Performing a light cleaning once or twice a year will keep your panels free from leaves, dirt and debris and improve their overall energy output. As a bonus, solar panels also protect your roof!

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Additional Home Solutions We Offer

Along with your residential solar panels, we also offer other home products that can be integrated with your solar energy system. Powershed is a solar-powered charging station for robotic lawnmowers that eliminates emissions, reduces noise pollution, and reduces the time and money you spend on traditional mowing. We also offer generators and vehicle charger installations for electric cars.

Home Solar Providers In Knoxville, Tennessee, and Beyond

We are passionate about improving the lives of families living in Knoxville, Tennessee, and beyond through the innovative energy solution of solar power. Our team will provide you with a custom proposal based on your unique energy needs and ensure that every step of the process is as seamless as possible. 

We are fully transparent about costs, and we strive to make obtaining a solar energy system affordable for any household. You can be sure that the entire installation process will be safe, on time and on budget. 

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