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Investment in solar is an investment in our future

April 17, 2018

Connecting you to a brighter future is more than just installing solar panels on your home. It’s about building a strong U.S. economy based on sustainable principles. It’s also about providing a platform for investors to lead the way towards a clean, renewable economy.

Fossil fuel technologies are typically mechanized and capital intensive while the renewable energy industry is more labor intensive. On average, more jobs are created from renewable electricity generation than from fossil fuels.

Southern California solar electricity is cheaper than what you pay the utility. Solar energy is good for the economy and good for your bank account. And growth in the solar industry means the potential to create even more jobs, In 2006, the solar industry in the U.S. employed about 17,000 people and created more than $1 billion of investment. In 2015, those numbers jumped to more than 200,000 people employed and more than $16 billion of investment. (Source: Solar Energy Industries Association)

Solar Alliance is a publicly traded company that is uniquely positioned for growth and you can be a part of that exciting journey. Talk to your investment advisor or give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about investing in a company like Solar Alliance while promoting positive change.

Jobs and investment. Not a bad combination.