Around the House with Scott Brockamp

May 11th, 2023 | by Anne Brock
Radio show in studio

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Saturday Mornings on the Radio

Worried about protecting against porch pirates, wonder what changes are ahead in the real estate market, or want to connect with nonprofit efforts in the East Tennessee community?  Around the House with Scott Brockamp covers all those things and more. 

NewsTalk 98.7
Solar Alliance General Manager Jon Hamilton in NewsTalk 98.7 studio with Around the House with Scott Brockamp

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A New Era

Scott Brockamp is the new host, taking over the mic from host Dawn Steimer of Master Home Remodelers after her fifteen years hosting the program on NewsTalk 98.7.  While his area of expertise is home security, as co-owner and founder of HIS Security, Scott converses on the radio show and podcast with a wide range of experts in the building industry.  He also invites community leaders who share about their projects from Habitat for Humanity to other great causes. 

Our Visit

On May 6, Scott’s first hour guest on the radio was Solar Alliance General Manager Jon Hamilton.  You can hear their conversation above.  They touched on common solar energy myths, which are covered in this earlier blog post.  They also chatted about renewable energy as a complement to traditional grid-tied energy sources.  Jon mentioned the generous government incentives that can help a business achieve some of its goals for savings and sustainability.  He also shared details about the journey building KUB Community Solar for the Knoxville area. 

We appreciate the opportunity for Solar Alliance to continue sharing education and resources about solar energy with our gracious host at NewsTalk98.7.  We’ll be listening as fans for advice on all sorts of other home topics as Around the House continues!