Weathering Economic Ups & Downs with Solar   

March 13th, 2023 | by Anne Brock
Commercial solar installation

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Anne Brock

Why Solar Remains a Solid Business Investment 

We can’t tell you how much electricity is going to cost in five years, one year or one month. We do, however, have a fairly good hunch you will be using electricity for the next five years. Solar is the only investment that can give certainty of what your cost per kilowatt-hour will be over the next twenty years. Certainty is what allows owners and managers to make good business decisions. 

If you could only predict how every market force and input cost would affect your bottom line over the next few years, what a great place for your business to be!  With all of the unknowns from exactly how much energy costs will rise each year, to inflation, to talk of the next recession, the price you pay to keep the lights on may be one of the few variables still within your control.  Solar Alliance offers you this financial power through the latest technology in solar energy to run your business.  Get in touch with us today. 

System of solar panels plus inverters
Solar Alliance designs entire systems that include modules plus inverters and other specialized equipment.

Solar Lowers Energy Costs 

The Consumer Price Index showed the Energy Index recently increased 8.7% over the year 2022, part of an overarching trend for energy. Utilities tend to demand the largest chunk of expenses for businesses and public facilities.  Duke Energy explains here how solar can even help local schools save money. 

Adding solar could potentially improve your cash flow when added to commercial properties, according to this white paper by the Solar Energy Industries Association 

The US Department of Energy explains that solar has become a much more economical option than it was just a decade ago, also adding an extra layer of reliability and resilience for powering your business. 

The folks over at Earth Day also tout that saving yourself money while also displaying the latest solar panels could be very appealing to your customers. 

The nation is waiting for the Securities and Exchange Commission to issue its final rule on climate-related disclosures for investors.  This covers disclosures such as how much carbon the business uses and planning for climate disasters, prompting yet another motivation to go with clean solar energy. 

Federal Incentives Boost Business 

The Inflation Reduction Act brings some of the strongest incentives yet for businesses to boost their bottom line through renewable energy like solar.   Adding solar offers at least a 30% tax break, and possibly more in some cases.  Additionally, the Rural Energy for America Program becomes another potential tool for smaller, rural businesses to flourish through a renewables boost at 40% of eligible solar projects returned to you as a federal grant. 

A Brighter Future 

At Solar Alliance, we offer a brighter future where you determine your cost of energy up front when installing your own solar system.  Hopefully, this can enhance your bottom line in a world full of financial unknowns. 

This company with a Knoxville, Tennessee-based workforce has weathered the ups and downs of the economy, even before solar became the lowest-cost provider for energy.  Beginning as Aries Energy and working for small businesses utilizing REAP grants in 2011, eventually designing three different community solar projects for utilities in Tennessee and Kentucky, and becoming the go-to for trusted residential solar as well as commercial-scale solar for corporate clients. 

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