Solar Power, Robotics & Tax Savings, Oh My!

June 9th, 2022 | by Anne Brock

Last Updated on December 28, 2022 by Anne Brock

Looking to save time, money and resources with Powershed?  Here at Solar Alliance, we’re not tax experts, but we think Uncle Sam might have a way to help you double the value of your Powershed investment in 2022!

We wanted to share resources about federal tax incentives for renewable energy. This could include solar-powered Powersheds to maintain campuses, run exterior lighting or do other innovative things where you don’t want expensive and impractical electrical runs.  

We’d suggest asking your tax accountant about the possibility of a 26% federal tax credit this year (2022) that helps you save big on photovoltaics! That tax credit drops to 22% in 2023.  See line 7 of IRS Form 3468.  

Then, what if Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation allowed you to recover per IRS Form 4562 another large portion of your Powershed investment within the first year? Could all of this be like getting two Powersheds for the price of one?  After you talk with your tax accountant, just let us know how we can help power the big jobs you need – anywhere the sun shines!

Our patent-pending Powershed technology developed in cooperation with the University of Tennessee Research Foundation is now at work in commercial settings around the United States.  We harness the sun’s power, store it smartly with batteries and monitor it for maximum efficiency to get the job done. We would be happy to connect you with references of satisfied Powershed customers!

Proudly bringing more power to you,

Harvey Abouelata

Vice President