Solar Alliance Installs First Brooklyn Solar Canopy in U.S. Southeast

May 1st, 2019 | by Anne Brock

Innovative Canopy Design Provides Access to Wider Range of Solar Projects

Vancouver, Canada, & Knoxville, Tennessee, May 1st, 2019 – Solar Alliance Energy Inc. (‘Solar Alliance’ or the ‘Company’) (TSX-V: SOLR, OTC: SAENF) is pleased to announce it is working with Brooklyn Solar Canopy (“Brooklyn Solar”) to install the first Brooklyn Solar Canopy in the U.S. south. Brooklyn Solar’s patented canopy design is adaptable to multiple flat roof types, carport and other applications. Because it is extremely versatile, the Brooklyn Canopy integrates seamlessly into Solar Alliance’s current product offering and provides access to a greater range of potential solar projects. The first project with Brooklyn Solar is in Nashville, at the same location Solar Alliance is installing a 32 kW system with 6 Tesla electric vehicle chargers. The Brooklyn Solar Canopy is also a great fit for the SunBox residential product that Solar Alliance offers to homeowners, builders and developers.
“Finding solutions for our clients is a big part of what we do”, said Myke Clark, CEO of Solar Alliance “We needed a racking solution that was versatile and adaptable to multiple roof types. After working closely with Brooklyn Solar on the design of the Nashville project we were convinced this canopy system will add significant value to our customers and increase the scope of projects we can now pursue. In the past, we might not even look at hotel roofs with high parapets and all the mechanical equipment to work around. Brooklyn Solar Canopy makes this possible, with an attractive, robust and well-designed product. The fact that this is the first Brooklyn Solar installation in the South illustrates our commitment to sourcing innovative solutions for our customers and we are proud to work with them,” concluded Clark.
“The Brooklyn Solar Canopy was conceived to overcome key physical barriers that can make solar implementation challenging in dense urban environments like New York,” said Chris Neidl, Director of Business Development for Brooklyn Solar Canopy. “Over the past year it’s been inspiring to see how our partners in very different parts of the country are discovering new use cases for the canopy and different problems that it can solve, opening up creative possibilities for different types of properties. We are incredibly excited to be working with a visionary company like Solar Alliance, and can’t wait to see what new directions that canopy will take in Nashville and throughout the southeast under their direction.”
The Brooklyn Solar Canopy Company’s (BSCC) patented Gen1 canopy design is adaptable to multiple flat roof types, carport or pergola applications. All BSCC canopies are custom fabricated in the United States using 6061 grade aluminum and have been certified by a structural engineer to meet the wind, snow and seismic loads in New York City.
About Brooklyn Solar Canopy (
Spun off of Brooklyn SolarWorks (BSW) in March 2018. BSW, named one of Fast Company Magazine’s Most Innovative Companies in the world in 2019, is the leading solar designer-installer in Brooklyn. BSW invented the patented Brooklyn Solar Canopy with Situ Studio, a design architecture firm based in Brooklyn. The canopy was conceived to overcome space and code constraints that impede solar development on flat roof townhomes, a dominant residential and small commercial building type in NYC; and to create shaded amenity space for decks and other rooftop uses. Since launching in 2015, the canopy has accumulated a number of prestigious awards and accolades from the design and architecture community, and the attention of other solar installers based in other markets. Based on growing interest, BSW spun off the Brooklyn Solar Canopy Company to distribute the canopy to other installers.
Myke Clark, CEO
About Solar Alliance Energy Inc. (
Solar Alliance is an energy solutions provider focused on residential, commercial and industrial solar installations. The Company operates in California, Tennessee, North/South Carolina and Kentucky and has an expanding pipeline of solar projects.  Since it was founded in 2003, the Company has developed wind and solar projects that provide enough electricity to power 150,000 homes. Our passion is improving life through ingenuity, simplicity and freedom of choice. Solar Alliance reduces or eliminates customers’ vulnerability to rising energy costs, offers an environmentally-friendly source of electricity generation, and provides affordable, turnkey clean energy solutions.
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