Historic Restored Homeplace Adds Solar Peace of Mind

January 20th, 2023 | by Anne Brock
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From Hay Barn to Homeplace

The sun once cured countless bales of hay before they were stacked in the barn that Rose’s grandfather built.  Now the sun sends its rays into modules atop that same barn that Rose calls home.  Her solar installation is one of many upgrades to the renovated barn that pays homage to a family’s agrarian past while planning for a clean energy future.

Modern kitchen inside a renovated barn home.
Kitchen full of modern conveniences inside tasteful barn-turned-home

Savvy Solar Shopping

Choosing a solar installer she could trust was not an easy process, as Rose explained about meeting Olivia from Solar Alliance.

“I had already gone through looking at several companies.  I was just about to give up.  I didn’t know how I was going to do this.  With Solar Alliance, the representative answered everything. She was just there to give me the information I wanted, never pushy.  It was just a comfortable experience working with her.”

The completely renovated barn loft is now a beautiful home with modern amenities used against the backdrop of thoughtfully preserved barn hardware and woodwork.  The lower level of the structure now houses an Air B & B apartment for guests to enjoy, along with gently rolling acreage that leads all the way to the Tennessee River’s edge.

Solar modules gather energy atop the metal roof of a barn converted to a home.
Roof-mounted solar modules atop a metal roof

Sunbox Solar

Rose also chose geothermal power to keep her home comfortable year-around.  Adding the Sunbox solar package atop the barn’s red metal roof complemented efforts to lower her utility bill, though the home is still tied to the local electric grid.  Eventually adding a few more modules (30 in all), plus a battery for storage, she has the peace of mind that the home can stay comfortable with fully operational food refrigeration, lights and other amenities despite any utility disruptions.

Renewed Peace of Mind

“The winter of 2020, when the power went out, we spent 50 hours huddled in front of the gas fireplace just to stay warm,” said Rose. “I decided to never be that dependent on someone else for power again.”

As Seen on WVLT-TV

Rose is sharing her solar story now with Meteorologist & Environmental/Science Reporter Ben Cathey at WVLT.  Here’s a look at the feature story on how solar is evolving in Tennessee.


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