Factory and Warehouse Solar Panels

Solar Panels for Factories and Warehouses

Factories and warehouses typically consume large amounts of electricity. Because these facilities are so large, they require more energy for lighting, temperature control and production equipment. This high energy usage is a significant contributor to operating expenses.

To bring these energy costs down, many companies harness the power of renewable energy by adding solar panels to their factory and warehouse roofs. Installing a solar system for your factory allows these facilities to produce their own power on-site for free.

At Solar Alliance, we design, build and install customized solar energy systems for factories and warehouses from Knoxville, Tennessee to Kentucky.

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Can Warehouses & Factories Run On Solar Power?

Yes, warehouses and factories can run on solar power! These facilities may gain many advantages from switching to solar. Here are some of the notable benefits of warehouse solar panels.

Reduced Energy Costs

Factories and warehouses can run a large portion of their facility on solar power. Once your solar system is installed, our warehouse or factory will gain energy independence by producing its own electricity and using little to no electricity from the national electric grid, saving your business a considerable amount of money over time.

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Peak Shaving and Protection Against Increased Energy Costs

Solar energy is a fixed-cost solution. By adding solar panels to the roof of your warehouse or factory, you can protect your business from volatile utility costs. If electricity prices increase, your business will be minimally affected.

Environmental Benefits

Electricity from the grid is generated by burning fossil fuels. This process releases harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide into the air, leading to health and environmental concerns. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that electricity production creates the second-largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, which cause climate change.

Solar power is a clean energy alternative that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. It’s also a renewable energy source, so it will never run out. Installing solar on your warehouse or factory roof demonstrates corporate social responsibility and lowers your carbon footprint.

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Less Maintenance

A solar system requires minimal maintenance to keep in good condition. With basic cleaning a few times a year, your solar panels will last for many years to come.


A solar energy system provides decades of dependable power with an average life span of 25 to 30 years. Solar panels are also less susceptible to damage from wear and tear because they do not have any moving parts. As a result, you can expect little to no repairs.

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Warehouses and Factories Are Ideal for Solar Panels

A typical warehouse or factory roof is the perfect landscape for a solar system. These roofs are usually large and flat with ample room for solar panel installation. They are also high enough off the ground that they get unobstructed sun exposure. With a large coverage area, your solar system can offset more energy costs and provide a rapid return on investment.

Thanks to the federal investment tax credit (ITC), you may be able to deduct some of the cost of installing a solar system, resulting in even more cost savings for your business.

How Solar Alliance Can Help

At Solar Alliance, we specialize in solar panel installation for manufacturing companies. We’ll design a custom system that meets all your requirements and get it installed on time and within budget. As a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)-accredited business, you can trust our engineers and installers to deliver a flawless solar solution that saves your warehouse or factory money and contributes to a healthier environment.

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