Solar Alliance Supports Office Space for 21st Mortgage

pv modules inside parapet rooftop structure

Knoxville, TN

Annual Carbon Offset

169 Metric Tons

Annual Energy Produced

241,550 kWh

Solar is helping cut overhead costs while providing clean energy for a major Knoxville finance company21st Mortgage is evolving to produce its own solar energy at two area facilities.  These offices rely on 24/7 computing in a climatecontrolled facility as well as the customer service side of mortgage servicesTogether, the two installations by Solar Alliance will be offsetting around 169 metric tons of carbon each year.   

Rooftop solar for 21st Mortgage facility
Ballasted rooftop photovoltaic installation for 21st Mortgage facility

One 21st Mortgage office facility has a 136 kW rooftop system with 184,000 kWh annual production. 

Another has a 43.7 kW rooftop system with 57,550 kWh annual production. This office is in the heart of downtown Knoxville, in a building known as One Centre Square.  A crane delivered the solar photovoltaic modules atop the building.

rooftop solar on parapet roof
Discreet solar photovoltaic array concealed by parapet roof of One Centre Square in downtown Knoxville

This 241,550 kWh of clean energy produced atop both office facilities means the projects offset approximately 169 metric tons of carbon each year. 

This switch to clean energy is equivalent to: 

  • Offsetting the electricity use of 32.8 homes for a year 
  • Or saving 16,576 gallons of gasoline 
  • Or sequestering the carbon of 2,790 tree seedlings over a decade 

This switch also comes with the potential to reduce the significant overhead cost of electricity from the local power provider while producing lower-cost solar energy. 

“Solar Alliance wants to help businesses like 21st Mortgage achieve their sustainability goals while reducing operating expenses with solar,” said Solar Alliance U.S. General Manager Jon Hamilton. 

21st  Mortgage provides more than 1,000 jobs in East Tennessee.