Rooftop Solar Cuts Utility Bills for Insurance Office

Business owner atop roof with newly installed solar.

Farragut, TN

Annual Carbon Offset

10.4 Metric Tons

Annual Energy Produced

14,744 Kilowatt Hours

State Farm Insurance owner Mansour Hasan of Farragut, Tennessee is cutting utility bills with solar while keeping his staff and customers comfortable at his Kingston Pike office building. The 12-kilowatt system includes 32 455-watt photovoltaic modules atop the facility. This will produce enough electricity to offset approximately 10.4 metric tons of carbon annually. That’s like conserving 24 barrels of oil or saving the energy from charging 1.2 million smartphones. 

“I like the fact that it’s a sustainable energy source that we can be using within our community and here within the building,” said Hasan. “And saving money on our utilities is always good in the long term.” 

Hasan had the rooftop PV system installed by Solar Alliance Southeast in late 2023, after five years in his Farragut location at 10811 Kingston Pike, and after 17 years providing insurance services to his local community. He serves homeowners, provides auto insurance and has a range of services for businesses, as well. 

Hasan explained, “I just feel like being able to have sustainable energy as part of our infrastructure for our business is important.”  Ask him more about his solar installation and insurance at his home page.