Precision Parts

precision parts solar panels

Winston Salem, NC

Annual Carbon Offset

393,561 lbs

Annual Energy Produced

 251,899 kwh

The 182 kW roof mount solar system is the largest rooftop solar project in the City of Winston Salem, NC. The installation is comprised of seven hundred (700) JAP6 260W Solar PV Modules mounted using Unirac Fixed Tilt Ballasted Roof Racking. The solar power being produced is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions from driving a car 376,103 miles. Precision Part’s system was designed to take advantage of Duke Energy’s Net-Metering program, and will reap the benefits of their rooftop solar system for decades to come. The design meets all applicable local, state, and federal regulations and included engineering, labor, and materials. In addition to the 2 year workmanship warranty and internet based granular monitoring provided by Solar Alliance, the module performance and material is covered by manufacturer warranties.