Hillside Theater – Whayne Cat

hillside theater case study solar panels

Hazard, KY

Annual Carbon Offset

68,803 lbs

Annual Energy Produced

41,935 kwh

Solar Alliance completed three solar projects in Kentucky in cooperation with Whayne Supply, a Caterpillar Dealer serving Kentucky, West Virginia South Eastern Ohio and Southern Indiana. Solar Alliance is proud to be recognized as the partner with Whayne Supply, a company that has been in the energy business in Kentucky for decades and provides a full line of diversified energy solutions.  These include a grid connected solar pv systems that can have the flexibility to work as a microgrid energy system.

“Whayne Supply has a long history of providing complete solutions and support to customers in the construction, transportation and power generation industries,” said Whayne Supply Power Systems Manager, Brad Zingre.  “Supply of solar equipment from Caterpillar Inc. is an integral component of renewable, environmentally conscious, power generation systems enabling customers to maximize efficiency.”

 Solar Alliance and Whayne Supply worked together on a 35.25 kW solar array installed on the roof of the Hillside Theater in Hazard, Kentucky, which included a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant, and a residential solar system also in Hazard.  Solar panels for business are typically part of a long-term plan to save energy and money for locations like this.