Custom Builder Enhances Office with Solar & Storage

Photovoltaic panels atop office building

Knoxville, TN

Annual Carbon Offset

10.3 Metric Tons

Annual Energy Produced

14,812 kWh

Custom home builder Mike Stevens Homes has included a solar array by Solar Alliance Southeast atop the company’s new office and design center headquarters in Knoxville.   

“I believe as a builder I have a responsibility to offer my clients the latest and best in technology,” said owner Mike Stevens. 

The 11.2 kilowatt (kW) solar array works in conjunction with a 12 kilowatt hour (kWh) battery storage system to provide clean energy to this hub for business and design. The clean energy also helps run an electric vehicle charging station for employees.

Stevens explained, “For me, it is obvious that putting solar on my office does several things for our company. First, it lowers our energy bill by more than 50%. Second, it allows me to show our clients the system and offer it to them on their new home. Last, I have a staff member that drives a Tesla and she charges her car while working. I am now considering retrofitting my personal home.” 

The renewable energy system can offset an estimated 10.3 metric tons of carbon. This is like: 

  • Keeping 3.2 tons of waste out of the landfill each year 
  • Or conserving 1,164 gallons of gasoline each year 
  • Or offsetting the electricity consumption of two average homes each year 

“We are constantly looking at clean energy solutions to best meet our clients’ needs,” said Solar Alliance U.S. General Manager Jon Hamilton. “Mike Stevens Homes is leading the way with solar for small businesses, while also showing what is possible for solar in a smart home.” 

The new Mike Stevens Homes office location is on Bluegrass Road in West Knoxville, where custom design is done by appointment only. For more information about their custom products, contact

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