Appalachian Electric Cooperative

appalachian electric solar panels

New Market, TN

Annual Carbon Offset

37.7 Metric Tons

Annual Energy Produced

87,099 kWh

The first utility-scale community solar project in Tennessee was built in New Market through a grant from the Tennessee Valley Authority.  The company now known as Solar Alliance completed construction for Appalachian Electric Cooperative in 2016, leading the way for more utilities to embrace community solar throughout the region.  The installation supplies enough renewable energy to power approximately 130 homes annually.  All residential and commercial members of AEC are eligible to participate in Co-op Community Solar, potentially receiving credits on their monthly electric bills.

“AEC recently partnered with Solar Alliance in submitting a proposal in response to an RFP for TVA’s Solar PV project. … the team have demonstrated a commitment and level of enthusiasm for our project that has motivated me and our team. Their expertise in this field is obvious and the resources they bring to the table impressive. The proposal was noted by TVA as being one of the best among those submitted, which is a direct reflection on Solar Alliance and their staff. We enjoyed implementing a successful project in partnership with the Solar Alliance team.”

The 1.37 megawatt community solar installation for Appalachian Electric Cooperative in New Market, Tennessee was the first utility-scale community solar project in the state. In conjunction with the project, Solar Alliance created a financial structure with several partner organizations to minimize AEC’s up-front investment. These efforts were reflected in our grant-writing work for AEC. The grant was submitted in early 2016 and construction work was completed in four months after we received that permission. As part of the $900,000 grant requirements, Solar Alliance was asked to produce an easily replicable project design. In addition, part of the project’s business plan includes an educational component for peer organizations.