I Chose SunBoxfor his future.

It has never been easier to install solar at your own home. With SunBox, we provide everything you need to begin producing cost effective, clean electricity right now.

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I Chose SunBoxto power my lifestyle.

SunBox is an optimized solar system that comes in two sizes: 5 kW and 7.8 kW depending on your budget and needs. SunBox includes battery storage and can be fully integrated with an optional whole home backup generator, EV charger, and solar canopy. 

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We provide a quality, professional experience.

Solar Alliance is a fully licensed general contractor staffed by North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) engineers and installers. Our team is licensed to complete a broad range of electrical work and we are proud to stand behind our installations.

Build Equity in Your Home

Solar energy is an investment in your home. Studies show a home's resale value increases when it has solar installed. That's because the home comes with a built-in power plant!

Lower your power bill

Solar energy generates electricity at a lower cost than most utilities. Why not capture those savings for your family?

Add an Electric Car Charger and Use the Sun to Charge Your Vehicle

Our team is licensed to complete a broad range of electrical work, including the installation of Tesla electric vehicle chargers. Why not use the power of the sun to charge your electric vehicle?

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