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Solar Alliance Announces Listing on OTCQB Marketplace and Roth Capital as PAL

February 10, 2016

Vancouver, Canada and San Diego, California February 10, 2016 – Solar Alliance Energy, Inc. (‘Solar Alliance’) or (the ‘Company’) (TSX-V: SAN) is pleased to announce the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) approved a net metering regime, often referred to as NEM 2.0, that will preserve retail payments for residential rooftop solar. A key provision of NEM 2.0 maintains full retail credit for net metering and guarantees that customers who install solar under these rules will not be subject to future changes to these rules for 20 years.

“This approval of a new net metering regime brings certainty to the California solar industry and provides long term growth opportunities for Solar Alliance and an economic payback or savings for our customers,” said Solar Alliance CEO Jason Bak. “The decision reinforces California’s position as a global clean energy leader and it allows consumers to generate their own clean electricity. It means that consumers who install solar systems will continue to be paid full retail rates when they are generating more electricity than they are using.”

The CPUC decision provides economic certainty for the residential solar industry in California, and combined with the recent five-year extension of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar sets the stage for continued growth in the industry and for Solar Alliance.

Jason Bak CEO

About Solar Alliance Energy Inc. ( Solar Alliance is a solar sales and marketing firm focused on residential solar installations. Our mission is to encourage the transition to an independent, distributed solar market through a strong management team that combines technical, sales, marketing and financial expertise. Solar Alliance is committed to an exceptional customer experience, effective marketing campaigns and superior lead generation in order to drive sales and generate value for shareholders. Since its inception in 2003, Solar Alliance has developed over 360 megawatts of renewable energy projects and subsequently sold them to utilities or large independent power producers, and has installed more than 2,000 residential solar systems in southern California. Solar Alliance is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and San Diego, California.

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